Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 - Presentation Speech

Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 - Presentation Speech

The Speech at which Professor Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel. The great Professor was not there personally to collect the prize owing to circumstances.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Supreme Court dismisses ‘right to die’ appeal | News | Law Society Gazette

Supreme Court dismisses ‘right to die’ appeal | News | Law Society Gazette

The European Courts need to come up with a unified law on assisted suicide and Euthanasia. Until then, these cases will continue to come up in countries where both methods are illegal.

That you have to travel to another country in order to die with dignity should not be allowed. Obviously i have made myself clear on which side of the fence i am!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Training Family Physicians in UK.

Can’t we just teach trainees to be GPs? | Blog

Mounting of paper work has made many Family Physicians uninterested in becoming Trainers. Gone are the days when training used to be a pleasure.

     The Trainers and Trainees are saddled with so much paper work that they have so little time for patients. Training a Family Physician is no longer the joy it used to be. Being a Trainee used to be one of the best time in a Family Physician's lifetime. All are no longer so. Thanks to mountain of paper works. Neither are happy anymore

  The Trainers are leaving en masse. Some are even retiring prematurely. The younger Doctors are no longer taking interest in Family Medicine. The end result in UK now is an acute on chronic shortage of Family Physicians, despite a growing population.

Is anyone listening?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir :on Patients' power

Patients queue for four hours to thank retiring GP | News Article | Pulse Today

Perhaps the best way to know how good and valued a Doctor is should be from Patients' annual feedbacks. It appears to be a better barometer than the current exercise of Doctors annual appraisals and Revalidation which is costing the tax payer millions of pounds annually. Patients do value and respect their competent doctors. It's time this Government starts listening to Patients. @Mustapha Tahir

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Dr Mustapha Tahir

May 15 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Revalidation for Doctors

CQC chief has no confidence at all in revalidation process | News Article | Pulse Today

A system that is able to pick only one under performing doctor out of thousands is a whitewash.

Millions of tax payers money is being spent into this exercise. It does not command the respect of the profession nor that of the public. When will this Government listen to the voice of reason and scrap it?


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Cuts to Legal Aid.

Leading judges in damning attack on civil aid cuts | News | Law Society Gazette

Britain is one of the richest countries in the world. It's legal system has been the envy of the world. Not anymore. Severe cuts to legal aid for the poor is leading to self representation in court. This delays court sessions, and ultimately more than likely to lead to miscarriages of justice.

        To deny the poor in the society fund to get the best representation in court is akin to making the law, and justice, only accessible to the rich. Now that is what I call Injustice.

Dr Mustapha Tahir


May 14 2014.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir On: Litigants in Person

Litigants in person make life ‘infinitely more difficult’ | News | Law Society Gazette

Dr Mustapha Tahir: As shown in the link above, the current exercise by the Government in Legal Aid is very likely to lead to miscarriages of Justice.

       The more Judges speak out about this despicable cuts the more likely the Government to listen. Perhaps with time, the Judges should consider joining their legal colleagues, the Barristers and Solicitors in a strike. Perhaps only then will the Ministry of Justice realise its policy is derailing The English Legal system that is admired by so many countries across the globe.

Dr Mustapha Tahir



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: On Breaching Patients Fundamental Human Rights.

Compensation granted for disclosure of medical data of patient breaching his human rights

Dr Mustapha Tahir: The above ruling, that lead to a compensation to a patient,whose confidential medical records were released, without consent, is timely in view of wide electronic sharing of patients' medical records by health care professionals.

          Whilst it is true sharing records electronically by health care professionals can facilitate the medical management of Patients conditions, it is only right to obtain a Patient's consent unless under very rare and exceptional emergency circumstances, such as an only way to facilitate saving life.

    As a Family Physician, I Dr Mustapha Tahir, totally welcome this ruling. Patients should be able to trust their doctor. Divulging medical records without consent undermines the trust between a Physician and a Patient. That goes to the very heart of medical practice.

    Patients should have a right to their records. Doctors are custodians to those records. Mustapha Tahir. @MustaphaTahir 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Mustapha Tahir on: The Desmond Tutu Project & Northern Ireland.

The Desmond Tutu forgiveness initiative was started by Nelson Mandela. It has proven effective in preventing post apartheid South Africa descend into bloodbath and carnage. 

Confronting those you have wronged and seeking forgiveness does work. It has proven to be an effective alternative to punitive "justice".

And the people of Northern Ireland need to learn from this great project, especially in view of what is happening now. 
                 Gerry Adams the Sinn Fein (political wing) of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was released only this morning by the police, after a 96 hour interview with the Police, in connection with the abduction and brutal murder of a mother of ten children called Jean Mc Conville in 1972. Senior Police officers are suggesting that they have enough evidence to bring him to justice. I accept that Mr Adams should not be immune to justice. No one should be. Sinn Fein claimed that Adam's arrest was "politically contrived" and "malicious".
       Ruth Duddley Edwards writing in today's Telegraph stated "If you can not have justice then you can not have peace Worthing of the name". I do not agree that this is so in all circumstances. Especially given the history of Northern Ireland, and how far we've come. Forgiveness can lead to lasting peace.  In deed she argued in her article "Is it worth bringing the past to light if it means causing chaos in the present? Should the need for justice for Jean Mc Conville outweigh the needs for ALL sides to put the troubles behind them?".
    Desmond Tutu has proven there is a better way of bringing about peace and avoiding bloodshed by wrong doers facing up to their victims and seeking for forgiveness. No lawyers involved. Just the victims families and the perpetrator(s). It worked for post apartheid South Africa and it can work in Northern Ireland. This initiative, in my opinion, should have been established immediately after the Good Friday agreement. 
       Given the potential repercussions of what is happening in Northern Ireland, I hope and pray people like Bill Clinton, an Irish American President, who spent a considerable time of his Presidency, to broker peace in that part of the world and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, step in to quickly to show the Irish that there is a third way, an alternative way, of bringing a much desired peace to a their country. The alternative is inexpensive and non time consuming. Seek for forgiveness and be forgiven. Justice does not always have to be punitive. In my opinion.
Dr Mustapha Tahir

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: No one should be above the law.

Barrister Briscoe jailed for role in Huhne speeding scandal | News | Law Society Gazette

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Constance Briscoe's story is a tragedy. However, in my opinion, no one should be above the law. Not even a judge. Briscoe was a successful barrister and part time judge who decided to pervert the course of justice.

       I hold the view that all cases she presided over as a Judge recorder or prosecuted as a barrister should now be subjected to detailed forensic review by the Crime Prosecution Serviced (CPS). Only then could her sentence make any meaning and warning to other judges.

  Mustapha Tahir

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on edging out solicitors

Civil Justice Council explores online dispute resolution | News | Law Society Gazette

I'm not in favour of techniques that are devoid of human touch. Reading the link above made we wonder if modern technology is being used to edge out solicitors. Will this development in law lead to "click" justice? We are living in very interesting times.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

@Mustapha Tahir

Mustapha Tahir


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on: An old age problem

An old age problem | The Commissioning Review

We are living longer. There is no debate about that. The population is ageing. That is notable all around us. Now is the time (if not late) to really start planning care for the elderly.

     Acute hospital beds are not the appropriate places to dump the elderly. No, they should be cared for, as much as possible, in their own homes and in the environment they had become accustomed to.

We have a duty, in view of the sacrifices they have made to look after them. Health budget planners should give this a priority now. Our greatest challenge as decent societies is how we look after our senior citizens. They are already forming the majority of the population.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: One cap does not fit all.

NHS improving despite differing policies across UK | The Commissioning Review

This article shows that different regions have different health needs. One cap does not fit all in managing health budgets. Different CCGs should be allowed to spend tax payers money based on local needs. Only then will NHS resources be wisely spent.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

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Mustapha Tahir


Dr Mustapha Tahir on NHS funding

FTs have invested £1.2bn post-Francis review | The Commissioning Review

It's a pity that we had to wait for the Francis report to invest more in hospital care. There had been several scandals in our hospitals in the previous years, accompanied by several reports. Think of the Bristol Children heart scandal and the Liverpool human tissue scandal. Just to mention a few.

      A substantial part of fund ends up swallowed by bureaucrats and not going into the front line. Hopefully lessons have been learnt.

Dr Mustapha Tahir.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Patients' options.

Comment: Clear choice | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Every patient should be entitled to knowing the Options of any medications,medical proceedure  or interventions. Patients should also be explained the implications of each choice and allowed to freely make a choice.

Mustapha Tahir.

Dr Mustapha Tahir on NHS waiting time.

NHS misses 18-week waiting time target | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir: This is a very sad development. Imagine yourself, or an elderly mother, in pains, waiting for 18 months for a hip replacement.

Mustapha Tahir.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

The Real Cost of Personal Injury blog -

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Not many people realise the real cost to an injury. I hope reading the link above will help.

   Mustapha Tahir

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir

Up to 500 practices to 'pilot' | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir " Provided Patients are well informed, may turn up a good idea. Especially for Medical Research."

Mustapha Tahir

Dr Mustapha Tahir

Urgent call for better foot care as amputation figures rise | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir: "There is need for urgent better foot care in the UK especially amongst those suffering from conditions such as Diabetes".

Dr Mustapha Tahir.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mustapha Tahir: Dr Mustapha Tahir

Mustapha Tahir: Dr Mustapha Tahir: An encounter with an intelligent 7 year old called Kokobilo. Kokobilo: Good Morning Dr Mustapha Tahir Dr Mustapha Tahir: Good morning young ...

Dr Mustapha Tahir

An encounter with an intelligent 7 year old called Kokobilo.

Kokobilo: Good Morning Dr Mustapha Tahir

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Good morning young man. May I know your name?

Kokobilo: Yes Doctor Mustapha Tahir, my name is Kokobilo. And why did you become a doctor?

Dr Mustapha Tahir: I wanted to help the sick and the dying?

Kokobilo: But Dr Mustapha Tahir have you never thought it is better to stop people falling sick?

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Yes Kokobilo I do agree, it's called preventive medicine. How do you think we can 
                                achieve that.
Kokobilo: By becoming a politician, winning election and hopefully becoming the Prime Minister or
                Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Dr Mustapha Tahir: But how will that help you stop people falling sick?

Kokobilo: I will make sure more money goes to preventing diseases than going to hospitals and
Dr Mustapha Tahir: hmmm! You may be right my friend. Never thought of it that way.

My learning: A great politician can be a physician to the whole nation or community by spending more on preventive medicine rather than the currative medicine. 

Dr Mustapha Tahir. In need of peace in the world.

I often wonder why super powers put in so much money in nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
  A fraction of this money can feed the poor children. Particularly in Africa and Asia. But then, child poverty is becoming so common even in the developed countries. 

What sort of leaders do we have? Can they not understand. Remember what Ghandhi once said "An eye for an eye makes the world go blind".

Monday, 21 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Easter.

The Easter period has significant meaning to most of the major religions. Despite the highest population of this world's inhabitants holding on to some sort of religion, that one way or another recognises Jesus (or Isah asa), the meaning of this period seem to be forgotten.

Jesus or Isa (whatever you believe him to be) resurrected. He will return. He will advocate love, forgiveness and peace on earth.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Now and Again the NHS comes under bashing.

The NHS comes under so much bashing. People never seem to stop and think of all the contributions being made by those who work in the NHS.
   Do they really appreciate how free NHS is?
Do they ever bother to find out how many extra hours it's staff put in.
If only they do then there won't be so much NHS bashing.

I will endeavour to educate the public of the good the NHS does.Its the envy of the world.
Keep an eye on my blogs.
Dr Mustapha Tahir