Monday, 28 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on edging out solicitors

Civil Justice Council explores online dispute resolution | News | Law Society Gazette

I'm not in favour of techniques that are devoid of human touch. Reading the link above made we wonder if modern technology is being used to edge out solicitors. Will this development in law lead to "click" justice? We are living in very interesting times.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on: An old age problem

An old age problem | The Commissioning Review

We are living longer. There is no debate about that. The population is ageing. That is notable all around us. Now is the time (if not late) to really start planning care for the elderly.

     Acute hospital beds are not the appropriate places to dump the elderly. No, they should be cared for, as much as possible, in their own homes and in the environment they had become accustomed to.

We have a duty, in view of the sacrifices they have made to look after them. Health budget planners should give this a priority now. Our greatest challenge as decent societies is how we look after our senior citizens. They are already forming the majority of the population.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: One cap does not fit all.

NHS improving despite differing policies across UK | The Commissioning Review

This article shows that different regions have different health needs. One cap does not fit all in managing health budgets. Different CCGs should be allowed to spend tax payers money based on local needs. Only then will NHS resources be wisely spent.

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Dr Mustapha Tahir on NHS funding

FTs have invested £1.2bn post-Francis review | The Commissioning Review

It's a pity that we had to wait for the Francis report to invest more in hospital care. There had been several scandals in our hospitals in the previous years, accompanied by several reports. Think of the Bristol Children heart scandal and the Liverpool human tissue scandal. Just to mention a few.

      A substantial part of fund ends up swallowed by bureaucrats and not going into the front line. Hopefully lessons have been learnt.

Dr Mustapha Tahir.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Patients' options.

Comment: Clear choice | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Every patient should be entitled to knowing the Options of any medications,medical proceedure  or interventions. Patients should also be explained the implications of each choice and allowed to freely make a choice.

Mustapha Tahir.

Dr Mustapha Tahir on NHS waiting time.

NHS misses 18-week waiting time target | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir: This is a very sad development. Imagine yourself, or an elderly mother, in pains, waiting for 18 months for a hip replacement.

Mustapha Tahir.

Dr Mustapha Tahir

The Real Cost of Personal Injury blog -

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Not many people realise the real cost to an injury. I hope reading the link above will help.

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir

Up to 500 practices to 'pilot' | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir " Provided Patients are well informed, may turn up a good idea. Especially for Medical Research."

Mustapha Tahir

Dr Mustapha Tahir

Urgent call for better foot care as amputation figures rise | The Commissioning Review

Dr Mustapha Tahir: "There is need for urgent better foot care in the UK especially amongst those suffering from conditions such as Diabetes".

Dr Mustapha Tahir.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mustapha Tahir: Dr Mustapha Tahir

Mustapha Tahir: Dr Mustapha Tahir: An encounter with an intelligent 7 year old called Kokobilo. Kokobilo: Good Morning Dr Mustapha Tahir Dr Mustapha Tahir: Good morning young ...

Dr Mustapha Tahir

An encounter with an intelligent 7 year old called Kokobilo.

Kokobilo: Good Morning Dr Mustapha Tahir

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Good morning young man. May I know your name?

Kokobilo: Yes Doctor Mustapha Tahir, my name is Kokobilo. And why did you become a doctor?

Dr Mustapha Tahir: I wanted to help the sick and the dying?

Kokobilo: But Dr Mustapha Tahir have you never thought it is better to stop people falling sick?

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Yes Kokobilo I do agree, it's called preventive medicine. How do you think we can 
                                achieve that.
Kokobilo: By becoming a politician, winning election and hopefully becoming the Prime Minister or
                Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Dr Mustapha Tahir: But how will that help you stop people falling sick?

Kokobilo: I will make sure more money goes to preventing diseases than going to hospitals and
Dr Mustapha Tahir: hmmm! You may be right my friend. Never thought of it that way.

My learning: A great politician can be a physician to the whole nation or community by spending more on preventive medicine rather than the currative medicine. 

Dr Mustapha Tahir. In need of peace in the world.

I often wonder why super powers put in so much money in nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
  A fraction of this money can feed the poor children. Particularly in Africa and Asia. But then, child poverty is becoming so common even in the developed countries. 

What sort of leaders do we have? Can they not understand. Remember what Ghandhi once said "An eye for an eye makes the world go blind".

Monday, 21 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Easter.

The Easter period has significant meaning to most of the major religions. Despite the highest population of this world's inhabitants holding on to some sort of religion, that one way or another recognises Jesus (or Isah asa), the meaning of this period seem to be forgotten.

Jesus or Isa (whatever you believe him to be) resurrected. He will return. He will advocate love, forgiveness and peace on earth.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Now and Again the NHS comes under bashing.

The NHS comes under so much bashing. People never seem to stop and think of all the contributions being made by those who work in the NHS.
   Do they really appreciate how free NHS is?
Do they ever bother to find out how many extra hours it's staff put in.
If only they do then there won't be so much NHS bashing.

I will endeavour to educate the public of the good the NHS does.Its the envy of the world.
Keep an eye on my blogs.
Dr Mustapha Tahir