Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir

An encounter with an intelligent 7 year old called Kokobilo.

Kokobilo: Good Morning Dr Mustapha Tahir

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Good morning young man. May I know your name?

Kokobilo: Yes Doctor Mustapha Tahir, my name is Kokobilo. And why did you become a doctor?

Dr Mustapha Tahir: I wanted to help the sick and the dying?

Kokobilo: But Dr Mustapha Tahir have you never thought it is better to stop people falling sick?

Dr Mustapha Tahir: Yes Kokobilo I do agree, it's called preventive medicine. How do you think we can 
                                achieve that.
Kokobilo: By becoming a politician, winning election and hopefully becoming the Prime Minister or
                Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Dr Mustapha Tahir: But how will that help you stop people falling sick?

Kokobilo: I will make sure more money goes to preventing diseases than going to hospitals and
Dr Mustapha Tahir: hmmm! You may be right my friend. Never thought of it that way.

My learning: A great politician can be a physician to the whole nation or community by spending more on preventive medicine rather than the currative medicine. 

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