Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir: On Breaching Patients Fundamental Human Rights.

Compensation granted for disclosure of medical data of patient breaching his human rights

Dr Mustapha Tahir: The above ruling, that lead to a compensation to a patient,whose confidential medical records were released, without consent, is timely in view of wide electronic sharing of patients' medical records by health care professionals.

          Whilst it is true sharing records electronically by health care professionals can facilitate the medical management of Patients conditions, it is only right to obtain a Patient's consent unless under very rare and exceptional emergency circumstances, such as an only way to facilitate saving life.

    As a Family Physician, I Dr Mustapha Tahir, totally welcome this ruling. Patients should be able to trust their doctor. Divulging medical records without consent undermines the trust between a Physician and a Patient. That goes to the very heart of medical practice.

    Patients should have a right to their records. Doctors are custodians to those records. Mustapha Tahir. @MustaphaTahir 

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