Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dr Mustapha Tahir on Training Family Physicians in UK.

Can’t we just teach trainees to be GPs? | Blog

Mounting of paper work has made many Family Physicians uninterested in becoming Trainers. Gone are the days when training used to be a pleasure.

     The Trainers and Trainees are saddled with so much paper work that they have so little time for patients. Training a Family Physician is no longer the joy it used to be. Being a Trainee used to be one of the best time in a Family Physician's lifetime. All are no longer so. Thanks to mountain of paper works. Neither are happy anymore

  The Trainers are leaving en masse. Some are even retiring prematurely. The younger Doctors are no longer taking interest in Family Medicine. The end result in UK now is an acute on chronic shortage of Family Physicians, despite a growing population.

Is anyone listening?

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